Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Sites where no data connection is available

In many instances location of large construction sites, infrastructure installations are in rural areas, which can be difficult or costly to secure or monitor. We have a cost-effective solution that has no borders.

Remote Parking Lots

The vehicles manufacturer’s and dealership’s overflow parking lots are easy target for criminals due to the lots remote locations and size. Implementation of 24/7 remote video monitoring is essential for protection of valuable inventory. The remote video monitoring will also reduce the cost of protection by eliminating the needs of security guards patrols. 

Solar Farms

The solar farms are mainly set in rural and isolated areas giving intruders an easy access. The use of remote video surveillance and monitoring will not only document the suspicious activity, but also notify the authorities and responsible key holders. Cameras can also be used to view the status of the solar panels and other equipment.

Construction Sites

Whether you are starting your construction project from the ground up, or working on existing structure, your business is facing many risks. Theft, fire, break-ins, vandalism, and other physical incidental and intentional threats. With our solution your property is protected 24/7.

Public Storage

Most of storage facilities are protected with fence, access gates, and scheduled access. However unwanted visitors are always finding their ways around to gain access. A scheduled or 24/7 video monitoring services are necessary to catch the unwanted activity at the right time.

Quick Deployment Temporary Video Surveillance

On-site guards can be costly and they can only cover so much ground at the time. Our systems are ready to be installed in minutes to protect the premises 24/7 and can be quickly moved to new locations as required.

Stand-Alone System for Year Round Video Surveillance

In the instance of public access to the construction sites, it is vital to have video surveillance for security and liability purposes. The WEBBOX is made to silently work all year round and collect all the required information for review anytime in the future. The video retention can be adapted to your specific requirements.



All year round outdoor video surveillance system

Wireless communication

110V power only required for full operation

Back up power for continuous operation during power outages

Video Monitoring by a monitoring station or end-user self monitoring

Built-in communication centre for transmission of critical and other alarms

Highly customizable to suit every possible security application

From basic 4-channel to unlimited video security camera systems available

Third party security cameras supported

Flexible rates for any scenario

Rated for Canadian weather

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